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Choose from our selection of products. Vials, gift boxes and other equipment to suit your needs. 

Everything we produce is custom made , depending on your main business activities and goals, we offer a collection of services and packages to support and boost your enterprise.

Fully customizable in regards to contents and silk print

By bottling wines and spirits per glass in our innovative 50 ml and 100 ml Vials, we create more tasting opportunities, encourage responsible drinking and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Wine gift boxes
The perfect solution for the travel industry. Our unbreakable recycled plastic and premium glass tubes are an attractive, innovative way to serve wines and spirits to your customers. Our 100 ml tubes surprise your passengers, while also helping the cabin crew to reduce the alcoholic consumption per person.

Introduce your customers to the ultimate wine gift. Appealing ready-made tasting boxes with 3 or 5 tubes of wine. Tubes are cool and innovative and speak to a large target audience. 

We are always open to ideas and love to partner up to make the most out of every celebratory moment.

Vials on the go
A sip of elegance


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