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A single-use vial of wine

Welcome to
the future!

A new and exciting way to try out wines and spirits, combining the traditional tasting of a fine vintage with novel new technologies, to create the experience of a lifetime.

This is exactly what we offer to our customers, in conjunction with our partners, be it the wine industry itself or the end consumer.

Enhance your wine experience with the use of AR

We offer the next evolution of the wine industry.

We are

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Vials with wine for every occasion

We offer a unique blend of services that will revolutionize the wine industry and help you uplift your brand awareness.

High Quality

Single Serve Solutions

As a maker of wines you want professional clients and consumers to be able to taste and review your product. With our Vials you can reach 7 to 14 customers with the contents of a single regular bottle.

Also, sending out your beverages worldwide becomes more convenient. Using our single serve vials will not only result in a decrease in costs and waste but also brings new product opportunities.

Augmented Reality

We can create unique AR experiences that can be directly used with our single use vials, to tell the story of your wine and convey to both professionals and consumers the information you wish to impart to them.

Wine Promotion

Should you so desire, we can use our connections to promote and sell your wines in our exclusive single use vials across several different markets.

Beautiful vineyards



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